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adj 1 a  :  not covered, enclosed, or scabbed over <an lesion>  <an running ulcer>   b  :  not involving or encouraging a covering (as by bandages or overgrowth of tissue) or enclosure < treatment of burns>   c  :  relating to or being a compound fracture  d  :  being an operation or surgical procedure in which an incision is made such that the tissues and organs are fully exposed - compare OPEN-HEART   2  :  shedding the infective agent to the exterior < tuberculosis>  - compare CLOSED3    3 a  :  unobstructed by congestion < sinuses>   b  :  not constipated < bowels>   4  :  using a minimum of physical restrictions and custodial restraints on the freedom of movement of the patients or inmates <an psychiatric ward> 
vbopened  open*ing vt  1 a  :  to make available for entry or passage by removing (as a cover) or clearing away (as an obstruction)  b  :  to free (a body passage) of an occluding agent <used cathartics to the bowels>  <an inhalator for ing congested nasal passages>   2  :  to make one or more openings in <ed the boil>  vi  :  to spread out <the wound ed>  .

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