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r or R, r-meter, Ra, rabbit fever, rabic, rabid, rabies, race, racemase, racemate, racemic, racemization, racemosa, racemose, racephedrine, rachischisis, rachitic, rachitic rosary, rachitis, rachitogenic, racial, rad, radiability, radial, radialis, radial artery, radial keratotomy, radial nerve, radial notch, radial symmetry, radial tuberosity, radial vein, radian, radiant, radiant energy, radiant flux, radiata, radiate, radiate ligament, radiation, radiation sickness, radiation syndrome, radiation therapist, radiation therapy, radical, radical hysterectomy, radical mastectomy, radices, radicle, radicular, radiculitis, radiculoneuritis, radiculopathy, radii, radioactive, radioactivity, radioaerosol, radioallergosorbent, radioallergosorbent test, radioassay, radioautogram, radioautograph, radiobiologist, radiobiology, radiocarbon, radiochemical, radiochemist, radiochemistry, radiochromatogram, radiochromatography, radiochromium, radiocobalt, radiocolloid, radiocontrast, radiodensity, radiodermatitis, radiodiagnosis, radioecologist, radioecology, radioelement, radioenzymatic, radiofrequency, radiogenic, radiogold, radiogram, radiograph, radiographer, radiographic, radiography, radiohumeral bursitis, radioimmunoassay, radioimmunoelectrophoresis, radioimmunological, radioimmunoprecipitation, radioiodide, radioiodinate, radioiodine, radioiron, radioisotope, radiolabel, radiolead, radioligand, radiological, radiologist, radiology, radiolucency, radiolucent, radiolysis, radiometer, radiometric, radiometry, radiomimetic, radionecrosis, radionuclide, radiopacity, radiopaque, radioparent, radiopharmaceutical, radiopharmacist, radiopharmacy, radiophosphorus, radioprotective, radioprotector, radioreceptor assay, radioresistance, radioresistant, radiorespirometric, radioscopy, radiosensitive, radiosensitivity, radiosensitizer, radiosodium, radiosterilized, radiostrontium, radiosurgery, radiotelemetry, radiotherapeutic, radiotherapeutics, radiotherapeutist, radiotherapist, radiotherapy, radiothermy, radiothorium, radiothyroidectomy, radiotoxemia, radiotoxicity, radiotracer, radiotransparent, radioulnar, radioulnar joint, radio frequency, radio knife, radio wave, radium, radium emanation, radium needle, radium therapy, radius, radix, radon, radula, raffinase, raffinose, rage, ragpicker's disease, ragsorter's disease, ragweed, Raillietina, rainbow, rainbow pill, Rainey's corpuscle, rale, ram, ramal, Raman, Raman effect, Raman scattering, Raman spectroscopy, Raman spectrum, rami, ramification, ramify, ramipril, ramisection, ramose, Ramsden eyepiece, ramulus, ramus, ramus communicans, ran, Rana, rancid, rancidification, rancidify, rancidity, randomized controlled trial, rang, range, range of accommodation, range paralysis, ranine artery, ranitidine, Rankine, ranula, Raoult's law, rapamycin, rape, rapeseed, rapeseed oil, rape oil, raphe, raphe nucleus, rapid eye movement, rapid eye movement sleep, rapid plasma reagin test, rapist, rapport, rapture of the deep, raptus, rarefaction, rarefy, rare earth, rare earth element, ras, rasceta, rash, raspatory, RAST, rat, rat-bite fever, rate, Rathke's pouch, raticide, ratio, ration, rational, rationality, rationalization, rationalize, ratsbane, rattle, rattlebox, rattlesnake, Rattus, rat flea, rat louse, rat mite, rat unit, Raudixin, rauwolfia, ray, rayless goldenrod, Raynaud's disease, Raynaud's phenomenon, Rb, RBC, RBE, RCT, rd or RD, RDA, RDH, RDS, Re, re-exploration, reabsorb, reabsorption, react, reactance, reactant, reaction, reaction formation, reaction of degeneration, reaction time, reactivate, reactivation, reactive, reactivity, reactogenic, reactor, reading frame, readjust, reagent, reaggregate, reagin, reality principle, reality testing, real focus, real image, reamer, reamination, reamputation, reanastomosis, reanimate, reassociate, reassociation, reattach, Reaumur, rebase, rebound, rebound tenderness, rebreathe, recalcification, recalcification time, recalcified, recalcitrant,

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