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n 1  :  a woman who suckles an infant not her own  :  WET NURSE  2 a  :  a person who is skilled or trained in caring for the sick or infirm esp. under the supervision of a physician  b  :  a person esp. trained to assist a physician or dentist (as in an operating room)
vbnursed  nurs*ing vt  1 a  :  to nourish at the breast  :  SUCKLE  b  :  to take nourishment from the breast of  :  suck milk from  2 a  :  to care for and wait on (as an injured or infirm person)  b  :  to attempt a cure of (as an ailment) by care and treatment vi  1 a  :  to feed an offspring from the breast  b  :  to feed at the breast  :  SUCK  2  :  to act or serve as a nurse .
Similar sounding terms:  na·res 

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