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n 1  :  the act of causing or bringing on or about < of labor>  : specif  :  the establishment of the initial state of anesthesia often with an agent other than that used subsequently to maintain the anesthetic state  2  :  the process by which an electrical conductor becomes electrified when near a charged body, by which a magnetizable body becomes magnetized when in a magnetic field or in the magnetic flux set up by a magnetomotive force, or by which an electromotive force is produced in a circuit by varying the magnetic field linked with the circuit  3 a  :  arousal of a part or area (as of the retina) by stimulation of an adjacent part or area  b  :  the sum of the processes by which the fate of embryonic cells is determined and morphogenetic differentiation brought about in*duct vt 
Similar sounding terms:  in·di·ca·tion 

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