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islet of Lang·er·hans

n :  any of the groups of small slightly granular endocrine cells that form anastomosing trabeculae among the tubules and alveoli of the pancreas and secrete insulin and glucagon - called also islet 
Langerhans, Paul (1847-1888),
German pathologist. Langerhans is notable for his studies of human and animal histology. He was among the first investigators to successfully explore this new area of research using staining techniques and other innovative methods. Most important was his work on the pancreas. He described the cell islands of the pancreas in a paper published in 1869. This paper presented the first careful and detailed description of the histology of the pancreas. The islets of Langerhans were first given that name in 1893 by the French histologist G. E. Laguesse. Langerhans also studied the anatomy of the skin and its innervation.

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