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Ban·ti's disease

n :  a disorder characterized by congestion and great enlargement of the spleen usu. accompanied by anemia, leukopenia, and cirrhosis of the liver - called also Banti's syndrome 
Ban•ti, Guido (1852-1925),
Italian physician. Banti was one of the most eminent Italian pathologists of the early twentieth century. In addition to being a pathologist he was also a capable clinician, histologist, and bacteriologist. As an anatomist he added to the knowledge of aphasia, and as a bacteriologist studied the pathogenesis of infectious diseases caused by bacteria. His most important medical contributions were in the study of the pathology of the spleen and of leukemia. In 1894 he described the spleen disorder that is now known as Banti's disease or Banti's syndrome. In 1913 he composed a basic definition of leukemia that still stands.

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