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noften attrib  1 a  :  a piece of metal that connects parts of a removable partial denture  b  :  the part of the wall of a horse's hoof that is bent inward toward the frog at the heel on each side and that extends toward the center of the sole  2  :  a straight stripe, band, or line much longer than it is wide: as  a  :  a transverse ridge on the roof of a horse's mouth - usu. used in pl.  b  :  the space in front of the molar teeth of a horse in which the bit is placed
vtbarred  bar*ring  :  to cut free and ligate (a vein in a horse's leg) above and below the site of a projected operative procedure
n :  a unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals or to one million dynes per square centimeter or to 0.9869 atmosphere
abbr barometer; barometric .

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