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n 1  :  recovery from a disease <his was complete>  : also  :  remission of signs or symptoms of a disease esp. during a prolonged period of observation <a clinical >  <5-year of cancer>  - compare ARREST   2  :  a drug, treatment, regimen, or other agency that cures a disease <a water >  <quinine is a for malaria>   3  :  a course or period of treatment : esp  :  one designed to interrupt an addiction or compulsive habit or to improve general health <take a for alcoholism>  <an annual at a spa>   4  :  SPA  5  maritime law  :  the medical care awarded a person in the merchant marine who is injured or taken sick in the course of duty
vbcured  cur*ing vt  :  HEAL:  a  :  to restore to health, soundness, or normality <curing her patients rapidly by new procedures>  <a child cured of lisping>   b  :  to bring about recovery from <any physician can a clean wound>  <antibiotics many formerly intractable infections>  vi  1  :  to effect a cure <careful living s more often than it kills>   2  :  to take a cure (as in a sanatorium or at a spa) cur*er n 

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