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Contrast bath  to  Counteract 
contrast bath, contrast medium, contrecoup, contrectation, control, controlled, controlled hypotension, contusion, conus, conus arteriosus, conus medullaris, conv, convalesce, convalescence, convalescent, convalescent home, convallamarin, convallaria, convallarin, convallatoxin, convection, convergence, conversion, conversion disorder, convex, convexo-concave, convexo-convex, convolute, convoluted, convoluted tubule, convolution, convolution of Broca, convolvulin, convolvulus, convulsant, convulse, convulsion, convulsive, convulsive therapy, Cooley's anemia, Coolidge tube, Coomassie blue, Coombs test, Cooperia, Cooper's ligament, coord, coordinate, coordinated, coordinate bond, coordination, coossify, cootie, copaiba, COPD, cope or COPE, Copepoda, copiopia, copolymer, copolymerization, copper, copperas, copperhead, copper sulfate, coproantibody, coprolagnia, coprolalia, coprolith, coprophagia, coprophagy, coprophilia, coprophilic, coprophilous, coproporphyrin, coprostanol, coprosterol, coprozoic, copula, copulate, copulatrix, coquille, cor or CoR, coracidium, coracoacromial, coracobrachialis, coracoclavicular ligament, coracohumeral, coracoid, coracoid process, coral snake, cord, cordate, cordectomy, cordial, cordia pulmonalia, cordiform, cordiform tendon, cordis, cordocentesis, cordotomy, cord blood, core, corelysis, corepressor, core temperature, coriamyrtin, coriander, corium, Cori cycle, Cori ester, corm, corn, cornea, corneitis, corneoscleral, corneous, corner, corner tooth, corneum, corniculate cartilage, corniculum, cornification, cornify, cornu, cornus, corny, corn oil, corona, coronal, coronale, coronal suture, coronary, coronary artery, coronary artery bypass, coronary artery disease, coronary band, coronary bypass, coronary disease, coronary failure, coronary heart disease, coronary insufficiency, coronary ligament, coronary occlusion, coronary plexus, coronary sclerosis, coronary sinus, coronary sulcus, coronary thrombosis, coronary valve, coronary vein, coronavirus, corona radiata, coroner, coronet, coronion, coronitis, coronoid, coronoidectomy, coronoid fossa, coronoid process, corpora, corporal, corpora quadrigemina, corporeal, corporis, corpse, corpsman, corpulence, corpulency, corpulent, corpus, corpuscle, corpuscle of Herbst, corpuscle of Krause, corpuscle of Meissner, corpus albicans, corpus callosum, corpus cavernosum, corpus delicti, corpus hemorrhagicum, corpus luteum, corpus spongiosum, corpus striatum, corpus uteri, correct, correction, corrective, corresponding points, Corrigan's disease, Corrigan's pulse, corrigent, corrode, corrosion, corrosive, corrosive sublimate, corrugator, cort, cortex, cortexone, cortical, corticate, corticifugal, corticipetal, corticoadrenal, corticoafferent, corticobulbar, corticoefferent, corticoid, corticopeduncular, corticopontine, corticopontocerebellar, corticorubral tract, corticospinal, corticospinal tract, corticosteroid, corticosterone, corticothalamic, corticotropic, corticotropin, corticotropin-releasing factor, corticotropin-releasing hormone, cortin, cortisol, cortisone, Corti's ganglion, corundum, corydalis, Corynebacteriaceae, corynebacterium, coryneform, coryza, cor bovinum, cor pulmonale, cosmetic, cosmetician, cosmetologist, cosmetology, cosmid, costa, costal, costal breathing, costal cartilage, costal process, costarum, costectomy, costive, costocentral, costocervical trunk, costochondral, costochondritis, costoclavicular, costocoracoid, costocoracoid membrane, costodiaphragmatic, costophrenic, costotome, costotransverse, costotransversectomy, costovertebral, costoxiphoid, cot, COTA, cotarnine, cothromboplastin, cotinine, cotransduction, cotton, cotton-wool, cottonmouth, cottonmouth moccasin, cottonseed oil, cotyledon, cotyloid, cot death, couch, couch grass, cough, cough drop, cough syrup, coulomb, Coumadin, coumaphos, coumarin, counsel, counselee, counseling, counselor, count, counter, counteract,

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