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Counterconditioning  to  Cuboid 
counterconditioning, countercurrent, counterelectrophoresis, counterimmunoelectrophoresis, counterirritant, counterirritation, counteropening, counterphobic, counterpulsation, counterpuncture, countershock, counterstain, countertraction, countertransference, coupling, course, courses, court plaster, couvade, Couvelaire uterus, covalence, covalency, covalent bond, coverslip, cover glass, cowbane, Cowdria, cowhage, Cowper's gland, cowpox, cow hock, coxa, coxalgia, coxa vara, Coxiella, coxitis, coxofemoral, coxsackievirus, CP, CPAP, CPB, CPC, cpd, CPE, CPI, CPK, CPM, CPR, CPZ, Cr or CR, crab, crab louse, crack, cradle, cradle cap, cramp, craniad, cranial, cranialgia, cranial arteritis, cranial capacity, cranial flexure, cranial fossa, cranial index, cranial nerve, Craniata, craniate, craniectomy, craniocerebral, cranioclasis, craniofacial, craniofacial index, craniofenestria, craniograph, craniology, craniometer, craniometry, craniopagus, craniopathy, craniopharyngeal, craniopharyngioma, craniophore, cranioplasty, craniorachischisis, craniosacral, cranioschisis, cranioscopist, cranioscopy, craniostenosis, craniosynostosis, craniotabes, craniotome, craniotomy, cranium, crank, crapulous, crater, craterization, craw-craw, craze, crazing, crazy, crazy bone, crazy chick disease, CRD, cream, crease, creatine, creatine kinase, creatine phosphate, creatine phosphokinase, creatinine, creatinuria, crèche, creeper, creeper fowl, creeping eruption, creeps, cremains, cremaster, cremate, crematorium, crematory, crème, crenated, crenation, crenocyte, creophagy, creosote, creosote oil, crepitant, crepitant rale, crepitate, crepitation, crepitus, crepuscular, crescent, crescent of Giannuzzi, cresol, crest, cresyl, cresylic, cresyl violet, creta, cretin, cretinism, cretinoid, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, crevice, crevicular, CRF, CRH, crib, cribbing, cribrate, cribration, cribriform, cribriform fascia, cribriform plate, cribrosa, crib biting, crib death, Cricetidae, Cricetulus, Cricetus, crick, cricoarytenoid, cricoidectomy, cricoid cartilage, cricopharyngeal, cricothyroid, cricothyroideus, criminology, cripple, crippler, crisis, crisis center, crista, crista ampullaris, crista galli, crit, crithidia, crithidial, crithidiform, critical, cri du chat syndrome, CRNA, CRO, crock, crocus, Crohn's disease, cromoglycate, cromolyn sodium, crop, cross, cross-eye, cross-fertile, cross-fertilization, cross-fertilize, cross-firing, cross-link, cross-linkage, cross-reaction, cross-reactive, cross-sterile, cross-tolerance, crossability, crossable, crossbred, crossbreed, crossbridge, crossed, crossed pyramidal tract, crossing-over, crossmatching, crossover, cross agglutination, cross section, crotalaria, crotalariosis, crotalid, Crotalidae, crotalin, crotaline, crotalism, Crotalus, crotaphion, crotch, crotin, croton, crotonic acid, crotonoyl, crotonyl, Croton bug, croton oil, crotyl, croup, crow's-foot, crown, CrP or CRP, CRT, CRTT, cruciate, cruciate ligament, crucible, crude protein, crura, crural, crural arch, crural septum, crura cerebri, crura fornicis, cruris, crus, crush syndrome, crust, crusta, crustacea, crutch, crymotherapy, cryobiologist, cryobiology, cryocautery, cryoextraction, cryoextractor, cryofibrinogen, cryogen, cryogenic, cryogenics, cryoglobulin, cryoglobulinemia, cryometer, cryonics, cryopexy, cryophilic, cryoprecipitate, cryopreservation, cryoprobe, cryoprotective, cryoprotein, cryoscope, cryoscopy, cryostat, cryosurgeon, cryosurgery, cryotherapy, crypt, cryptectomy, cryptesthesia, cryptic, cryptitis, cryptobiosis, cryptococcosis, cryptococcus, cryptocrystalline, cryptogam, Cryptogamia, cryptogenetic, cryptogenic, cryptomnesia, cryptopine, cryptorchid, cryptorchidism, cryptosporidiosis, cryptosporidium, cryptoxanthin, cryptoxanthol, cryptozoite, cryptozygous, crypt of Lieberkühn, crypt of Morgagni, cryst, crystal, crystallin, crystallina, crystalline, crystalline lens, crystalline veratrine, crystallization, crystallize, crystallogram, crystallography, crystalloid, crystalluria, crystal violet, cs or Cs or CS, CSF, CSM, CT, CTa, CTC, Ctenocephalides, ctr, CT scan, CT scanner, cu or Cu or CU, cubeb, cubital, cubiti, cubitus, cubitus valgus, cubitus varus, cuboid,

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