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adjoften cap  :  relating to or discovered by Fallopius
Fal•lop•pio or  Fal*lop*pia  , Gabriele, ( Latin  Gabriel Fal*lo*pi*us  (1523-1562),
Italian anatomist. A student of Andreas Vesalius and one of the great anatomists of his time, Fallopius published in 1561 Observationes anatomicae, a seminal work that offered a systematic description of human anatomy based on years of dissection experience. Of all the anatomical descriptions the most important were those concerning the ears, face, and genitals. He described in detail the anatomy of the middle and inner ear (including the semicircular canals), and he named the cochlea. His original description of the facial canal resulted in its subsequent eponymous designation. In his identification of the structures of the female reproductive tract he described the hymen and the clitoris and gave the scientific names to the vagina and the placenta. His classic (but not original) description of the human oviducts resulted in his name being associated with them ever since.
Similar sounding terms:  fil·i·pin 

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