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Wis·kott-Al·drich syndrome

n :  an inherited usu. fatal childhood immunodeficiency disease characterized esp. by thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, recurrent infections, eczema, and abnormal bleeding
Wiskott, Alfred (b 1898),
German pediatrician. A professor of pediatrics in Munich, Wiskott wrote on diseases of the respiratory system and on the pathogenesis, clinical treatment, and classification of pneumonias in early childhood.
Aldrich, Robert Anderson (b 1917), American pediatrician. Aldrich held professorships in pediatrics at the medical schools of the University of Oregon and the University of Washington. Later he was professor of preventive medicine and comprehensive health care at the University of Colorado. His areas of research included the biochemistry of porphyrins, the chemistry of bilirubin, the mechanism of heme synthesis, and inborn errors of metabolism.

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