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Wolff-Par·kin·son-White syndrome

n :  an abnormal heart condition characterized by preexcitation of the ventricle and an electrocardiographic tracing with a shortened P-R interval and a widened QRS complex - called also WPW syndrome 
Wolff, Louis (b 1898),
American cardiologist. Wolff, Parkinson, and White described the syndrome that bears their names in an article published in 1930.
Parkinson, Sir John (b 1885), British cardiologist. Parkinson served as a cardiologist at the London and National Heart Hospitals and as a consulting cardiologist with the Royal Air Force.
White, Paul Dudley (1886-1973), American cardiologist. White was an international authority on heart disease who gained national celebrity status when he became cardiologist to President Dwight Eisenhower. White maintained lifelong associations with Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He was among the first to employ electrocardiograms for the diagnosis of heart disease. He used some 21,000 as the basis for Heart Diseases, a classic text that he published in 1931. He also helped to found the American Heart Association and the International Society of Cardiology. White was an advocate of physical exercise, and in later years he would be credited with helping to plant the seeds for the ensuing increased interest in fitness.

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