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Ab·be-Est·lan·der operation

n :  the grafting of a flap of tissue from one lip of the oral cavity to the other lip to correct a defect using a pedicle with an arterial supply
Abbe, Robert (1851-1928),
American surgeon. Abbe is known for his pioneer work in the use of radium to treat cancer, for the use of X rays to detect kidney stones, and for the use of catgut rings to support the intestines during operations for intestinal anastomosis. One of the foremost surgeons of his day, he specialized in plastic surgery for a time.
Estlander, Jakob August (1831-1881), Finnish surgeon. In 1879 Estlander published an article recommending that chronic empyema be treated by resecting one or more ribs in order to allow obliteration of the cavity.

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