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Antifibrillatory  to  Aprosopus 
antifibrillatory, antifibrinolysin, antifibrinolysis, antiflatulent, antiflu, antifluoridationist, antifungal, antigen, antigen-presenting cell, antigenemia, antigenicity, antigenic determinant, antiglobulin, antigonadotropic, antigonadotropin, antihelix, antihemophilic factor, antihemophilic globulin, antihemorrhagic, antiherpes, antihidrotic, antihistamine, antihistaminic, antihormone, antihuman, antihyperlipidemic, antihypertensive, antiidiotype, antiketogenesis, antiketogenic, antileukemic, antiluetic, antilymphocyte globulin, antilymphocyte serum, antilymphocytic globulin, antilymphocytic serum, antilysin, antilysis, antimalarial, antimere, antimetabolite, antimicrobial, antimitotic, antimonial, antimonide, antimony, antimonyl, antimonyltartrate, antimony potassium tartrate, antimuscarinic, antimutagenic, antimycin A, antimycotic, antinausea, antinauseant, antineoplastic, antineuritic, antinion, antinociceptive, antinuclear, antioestrogen, antioncogene, antioxidant, antiparallel, antiparasitic, antiparkinsonian, antipathetic, antipathy, antiperiodic, antiperistalsis, antiperistaltic, antiperspirant, antiphlogistic, antiphospholipid, antiplasmin, antiplastic, antiplatelet, antipneumococcal, antipode, antipollution, antiproliferative, antiprotease, antiprothrombin, antiprotozoal, antipruritic, antipseudomonal, antipsychotic, antipyresis, antipyretic, antipyrine, antirachitic, antirejection, antirennin, antireticular cytotoxic serum, antiretroviral, antirheumatic, antiricin, antischistosomal, antischizophrenic, antiscorbutic, antisecretory, antiseizure, antisense, antisepsis, antiseptic, antisepticize, antiserum, antisex, antisialagogic, antisideric, antisocial, antispasmodic, antisperm, antistreptococcal, antistreptokinase, antistreptolysin, antisyphilitic, antithenar, antithrombic, antithrombin, antithromboplastin, antithrombotic, antithyroid, antitoxic, antitoxin, antitoxinogenic, antitragicus, antitragus, antitrypanosomal, antitrypsin, antituberculous, antitumor, antitussive, antityphoid, antiulcer, antivenin, Antivert, antiviral, antivitamin, antivivisection, antixerophthalmic, antizymotic, Anton's syndrome, antra, antral, antrectomy, antrorse, antroscope, antrostomy, antrotomy, antrum, antrum of Highmore, ANTU, anucleate, anulus fibrosus, anuresis, anuria, anus, anvil, anxiety, anxiety disorder, anxiety equivalent, anxiety hysteria, anxiety neurosis, anxiolytic, anxious, AOB, aorta, aortic, aorticopulmonary, aorticorenal, aortic arch, aortic dissection, aortic hiatus, aortic incompetence, aortic insufficiency, aortic murmur, aortic regurgitation, aortic sinus, aortic stenosis, aortic valve, aortitis, aortocoronary, aortofemoral, aortogram, aortography, aortoiliac, aortopulmonary window, aortosubclavian, AOTA, A&P or ap or AP, aparalytic, apathetic, apathy, apatite, APC, ape, aperient, aperiodic, aperistalsis, aperitive, apertometer, apertura, aperture, apex, apexcardiography, APF, Apgar score, aphagia, aphakia, aphakic, aphasia, aphasic, aphasiology, Aphasmidia, aphemia, apheresis, aphonia, aphosphorosis, aphrasia, aphrodisia, aphrodisiac, aphtha, aphthoid, aphthongia, aphthosis, aphthous, aphthous fever, aphthous stomatitis, apical, apical foramen, apical ligament of the dens, apicectomy, apices, apicitis, apicoectomy, apicolysis, Apium, aplacental, aplanatic, aplanatism, aplasia, aplastic, aplastic anemia, apnea, apneusis, apneustic, apocarteresis, apochromatic, apocrine, Apocynum, apodal, apoenzyme, apoferritin, apolar, apolipoprotein, apomorphine, aponeurosis, aponeurotica, aponia, apophysis, apophysitis, apoplectic, apoplectiform, apoplexy, apoprotein, apoptosis, apothecaries' measure, apothecaries' weight, apothecary, apoxesis, apozem, apozymase, app, apparatus, apparent, apparent motion, appearance, appendage, appendectomy, appendiceal, appendicectomy, appendices epiploicae, appendicitis, appendicostomy, appendicular, appendix, apperceive, apperception, appersonation, appestat, appetite, appetition, appl, applanate, applanation, applanation tonometer, apple, appliance, application, applicator, applied, apply, apposable, apposition, approach, approach-approach conflict, approach-avoidance conflict, approx, approximal, approximate, appt, apraxia, apricot-kernel oil, aproctous, apron, aprosexia, aprosopus,

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