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Autoimmune  to  A band 
autoimmune, autoimmunity, autoimmunization, autoimmunize, autoinfection, autoinoculable, autoinoculation, autointoxication, autokinesis, autologous, autolysate, autolysin, autolysis, autolyze, automanipulation, automatism, automatograph, automixis, automnesia, autonomic, autonomic nervous system, autonomous, autonomy, autophagy, autophobia, autoplastic, autoplasty, autopolyploid, autoprothrombin, autoprothrombin I, autoprothrombin II, autopsy, autopsychic, autoradiogram, autoradiograph, autoradiographic, autoradiography, autoreactive, autoregulation, autoscope, autoscopy, autosensitization, autoserum, autosexing, autosite, autosome, autosuggestibility, autosuggestion, autotherapy, autotomy, autotopagnosia, autotoxemia, autotoxicus, autotoxin, autotransformer, autotransfuse, autotransfusion, autotransplant, autotransplantation, autotroph, autotrophic, autotrophy, autovaccination, autoxidation, autumn crocus, aux, auxanogram, auxanography, auxesis, auxiliary, auxin, auxochrome, auxocyte, auxodrome, auxotroph, auxotrophic, auxotrophy, av or AV, avalvular, avascular, avascularity, avdp, Avena, avenin, Aventyl, aversion, aversion therapy, aversive, Aves, avian, avianize, avian encephalomyelitis, avian influenza, avian leukosis complex, avian tuberculosis, avidin, avirulent, avis, avitaminosis, avium, Avogadro's law, Avogadro's number, avoidance, avoidance-avoidance conflict, avoidant, avoirdupois, avoirdupois pound, avoirdupois weight, AVP, avulse, avulsion, A&W, ax, axenic, axes, axial, axial skeleton, axile, axilla, axillary, axillary artery, axillary fossa, axillary gland, axillary nerve, axillary node, axillary vein, axis, axis cylinder, axoaxonal, axodendritic, axolemma, axometer, axon, axoneme, axonotmesis, axon hillock, axoplasm, axosomatic, axostyle, Ayerza's disease, Ayurveda, Az, 5-azacytidine, azaserine, azathioprine, azeotrope, azide, azido, azidothymidine, azine, azinphosmethyl, azithromycin, azo, azole, azolitmin, azoospermia, azoprotein, azosulfamide, azotemia, azoth, azotobacter, azotometer, azotorrhea, azoturia, azo dye, AZT, azure, azygography, azygos, azygos vein, A band,

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