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D  to  Dehydration 
d or D, d-, d.t. or d.t.'s, 2,4-D or 2,4-D, da or DA, daboia, dacarbazine, dacrya, dacryoadenectomy, dacryocyst, dacryocystectomy, dacryocystitis, dacryocystoblennorhea, dacryocystography, dacryocystorhinostomy, dacryocystostomy, dacryocystotomy, dacryolith, dacryolithiasis, dacryon, dacryostenosis, dactinomycin, dactyl, dactylion, dactylography, dactylology, dactyloscopy, dactylosymphysis, dagga, DAH, dahllite, Dalmane, dalton, Daltonism, Dalton's law, dam, damar, damp, danazol, dandelion, dander, dandruff, dandy fever, Dane particle, Danysz phenomenon, daphne, daphnin, dappen dish, dapsone, Darier's disease, dark-field microscope, dark adaptation, dark field, D'Arsonval current, dartos, Darvon, Darwinian, Darwinism, Darwin's tubercle, Dasyprocta, DAT, data, datura, dau, Daubenton's plane, Daucus, daughter, daunomycin, daunorubicin, dawn phenomenon, daydream, daymare, day nursery, DBCP, dbl, DBP, D&C or DC, DCc, DCR, DD, DDAVP, DDC, DDD, DDE, DDI, DDS, DDT, DDVP, D&E, deacidify, deactivate, dead, deadly, deadly nightshade, dead space, deaf, deaf-aid, deaf-mute, deafen, deafferentation, deamidase, deamidate, deamidization, deamidize, deaminase, deaminate, deaminize, death, deathbed, death cap, death instinct, death point, death rate, death rattle, death wish, debilitate, debility, debride, debridement, debris, debrisoquin, debulk, dec, Decadron, decagram, decagramme, decalcification, decamethonium, decane, decanoic acid, decant, decapeptide, decapitate, decapsulate, decarboxylase, decarboxylate, decay, decay constant, decd, decease, deceased, decedent, decelerate, decerebrate, decerebration, dechlorinate, decibel, decidua, deciduate, decidua basalis, decidua capsularis, decidua parietalis, decidua placentalis, decidua reflexa, decidua serotina, decidua vera, deciduitis, deciduoma, deciduosis, deciduous, deciduous tooth, decigram, deciliter, decimeter, decinormal, declaw, decline, declive, declot, decoct, decoction, decoctum, decolorant, decoloration, decolorize, decompensate, decompensation, decompose, decomposer, decomposition, decompress, decompression, decompression chamber, decompression sickness, decompressive, decondition, deconditioning, decongestant, decongestion, decontaminate, decorticate, decortication, decrepitate, decubital, decubitus, decubitus ulcer, decussate, decussatio, decussation, decussation of pyramids, dedifferentiate, dedifferentiation, deep, deep brachial artery, deep cervical vein, deep epigastric artery, deep external pudendal artery, deep facial vein, deep fascia, deep femoral artery, deep inguinal ring, deep lingual artery, deep palmar arch, deep peroneal nerve, deep petrosal nerve, deep temporal artery, deep temporal nerve, deep temporal vein, deerfly, deer tick, deet, def, defat, defecate, defecation, defect, defective, defeminize, defense, defense mechanism, defensin, defensive, defensive medicine, deferens, deferent, deferential, deferoxamine, defervescence, defibrillation, defibrillator, defibrinate, deficiency, deficiency anemia, deficiency disease, deficient, deficit, defined, definition, definitive, definitive host, deflection, defloration, deflorescence, defluvium, defocus, deformans, deformed, deformity, deg, degeneracy, degenerate, degeneration, degenerative, degenerative arthritis, degenerative disease, degenerative joint disease, degerm, deglutition, deglutitory, degradable, degradation, degrade, degranulation, degree, degustation, dehisce, dehiscence, dehumidify, dehydrant, dehydrase, dehydratase, dehydrate, dehydrated alcohol, dehydration,

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