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H  to  Helix 
h or H, H-substance, H-Y antigen, habenula, habenular commissure, habit, habit-forming, habitat, habitual, habitual abortion, habituate, habituation, habitus, habit spasm, Habronema, habronemiasis, habronemosis, habu, hack, Haemadipsa, Haemamoeba, Haemaphysalis, haematobium, Haematopinus, haematoxylon, haemobartonella, haemobartonellosis, Haemogregarina, haemonchosis, Haemonchus, haemophilus, Haemoproteidae, Haemoproteus, Haemosporidia, hafnium, Hageman factor, Haidinger's brushes, hair, haired, hairless, hairline, hairline fracture, hairpin, hairpulling, hairworm, hairy, hairy cell leukemia, hairy leukoplakia, hair ball, hair bulb, hair cell, hair follicle, hair puller, hair root, hair shaft, halazone, Halcion, Haldol, half-blood, half-bred, half-breed, half-life, half-moon, half-value layer, halfway house, half blood, halibut-liver oil, halide, halisteresis, halitosis, hallucinate, hallucination, hallucinator, hallucinatory, hallucinogen, hallucinogenic, hallucinosis, hallucis, hallux, hallux rigidus, hallux valgus, halo, halofantrine, halogen, halogenate, halogeton, halometer, haloperidol, halophile, halothane, halo effect, Halsted radical mastectomy, halzoun, ham, hamadryad, hamamelis, hamartia, hamartoma, hamate, hamatum, hammer, hammertoe, hamster, hamstring, hamstring muscle, hamular, hamulus, hand, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, Hand-Schüller-Christian disease, handed, handedness, handicap, handicapped, handless, handpiece, hang-up, hangnail, hangover, hansenosis, Hansen's bacillus, Hansen's disease, Hantaan virus, hantavirus, hapalonychia, haphalgesia, haphephobia, haplodont, haploid, haplont, haploscope, haplotype, hapten, haptic, haptics, haptoglobin, haptophore, harbor, hard, hard-of-hearing, hardening, harderian gland, Harder's gland, hardware disease, Hardy-Weinberg law, hard pad, hard palate, harelip, Harley Street, harmala, harmaline, harmalol, harmine, harpoon, Hartnup disease, hartshorn, Harveian, hash, Hashimoto's disease, hashish, Hassall's corpuscle, hatchet, haustorium, haustral, haustration, haustrum, haversian canal, haversian system, haw, hawk, hay fever, Hb, HBsAg, HBV, HCG, HCT, HCV, HD, HDL, He, head, headache, headshrinker, head cold, head louse, head nurse, head process, heal, healing, health, healthful, healthy, health care, health department, health insurance, health maintenance organization, health officer, health spa, health visitor, hear, hearing, hearing aid, hearing dog, heart, heart-lung machine, heartbeat, heartburn, heartwater, heartworm, heart attack, heart block, heart disease, heart failure, heart murmur, heart rate, heat, heat-shock protein, heatstroke, heat capacity, heat cramps, heat exchanger, heat exhaustion, heat of combustion, heat prostration, heat rash, heave, heaves, heavy chain, heavy hydrogen, heavy water, hebephrenia, hebephrenic, Heberden's node, hebetude, hectic, hectogram, hectoliter, hectometer, hedeoma oil, hedonic, hedonism, heel, heel bone, heel fly, Heerfordt's syndrome, height, Heimlich maneuver, Heinz body, hela cell, helianthate, helianthin, helical, helicase, helices, helicine artery, helicis, helicity, helicobacter, helicoid, helicotrema, heliophobe, heliosis, heliotaxis, heliotherapy, heliotropism, helium, helix,

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