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J  to  J chain 
J, jaagsiekte, jaborandi, jacket, jacket crown, jacksonian, Jacksonian epilepsy, jack bean, Jacobson's cartilage, Jacobson's nerve, Jacobson's organ, jactitation, Jaffé reaction, jagsiekte, jail fever, jake leg, Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease, jalap, jalapin, JAMA, Jamaica ginger, jamais vu, James-Lange theory, Jamesian, Jamestown weed, janiceps, Janus green, Japanese B encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, Japanese glanders, japonica, jararaca, jargon, Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, Jarvik-7, Jatropha, jaundice, jaundiced, Javelle water, jaw, jawbone, jawed, jawless, JCAH, JCAHO, jejuna, jejunal, jejunitis, jejunogastric, jejunoileal, jejunoileal bypass, jejunoileitis, jejunoileostomy, jejunostomy, jejunum, jelly, jellyfish, Jennerian, Jenner's stain, jequirity bean, jerk, jessamine, Jesuits' bark, jet fatigue, jet injector, jet lag, jigger, jimjams, jimsonweed, jitters, JND, Jocasta complex, jockstrap, jock itch, Johne's bacillus, Johne's disease, johnin, johnny, joint, jointed, joint capsule, joint evil, joint fluid, joint ill, joint mouse, joint oil, joule, Joule's equivalent, juga, jugal, juglone, jugular, jugulare, jugular foramen, jugular fossa, jugular ganglion, jugular notch, jugular process, jugular trunk, jugular vein, jugulo-omohyoid, jugulodigastric, jugum, juice, jujube, jumper, jumping Frenchmen of Maine, jumping gene, junction, junctional nevus, junctional rhythm, junctional tachycardia, junction nevus, Jungian, jungle fever, jungle rot, jungle yellow fever, Junin virus, juniper, juniper-berry oil, juniper oil, juniper tar, junk DNA, jury mast, justo major, justo minor, just noticeable difference, jute, juvenile, juvenile-onset diabetes, juvenile amaurotic idiocy, juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquent, juvenile diabetes, juxta-articular, juxtacortical, juxtaglomerular, juxtaglomerular apparatus, juxtaglomerular cell, juxtamedullary, juxtaposition, juxtapyloric, juxtarestiform body, J chain,

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