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V  to  Ventral root 
V, vaccenic acid, vaccinal, vaccinate, vaccination, vaccinator, vaccine, vaccinee, vaccinia, vaccinoid, vaccinostyle, vaccinotherapy, vacua, vacuo, vacuolar, vacuolate, vacuolation, vacuole, vacuolization, vacuum, vacuum aspiration, vacuum aspirator, vacuum tube, VAD, vagabond's disease, vagal, vagal escape, vagal tone, vagi, vagina, vaginae, vaginal, vaginalis, vaginal artery, vaginal hysterectomy, vaginal process, vaginal smear, vaginal thrush, vagina tendinis, vaginectomy, vaginismus, vaginitis, vaginoplasty, vaginoscope, vaginosis, vago-vagal, vagodepressor, vagolytic, vagotomize, vagotomy, vagotonia, vagotropic, vagrant, vagus, vagus nerve, valence, valence electron, valency, valent, valerate, valerian, valeric acid, valetudinarian, valgum, valgus, valine, valinomycin, Valium, vallate, vallate papilla, vallecula, valley fever, vallum, valproate, valproate sodium, valproic acid, Valsalva maneuver, valva, valval, valve, valves of Kerkring, valve of Hasner, valve of Heister, valve of Thebesius, valvotomy, valvula, valvulae conniventes, valvular, valvula coli, valvulitis, valvuloplasty, valvulotome, valvulotomy, valyl, vampire, vampire bat, vampirism, vanadate, vanadium, Vancocin, vancomycin, vanilla, vanillate, vanilla bean, vanillic acid, vanillin, vanillism, vanillylmandelic acid, vanilmandelic acid, van't Hoff's law, van den Bergh reaction, van den Bergh test, van der Waals forces, Van de Graaff generator, Van Slyke method, vapor, vaporish, vaporization, vaporize, vaporizer, Vaquez's disease, variable, variable region, variant, variation, variceal, varicella, varicella zoster, varicelliform, varices, varicocele, varicocelectomy, varicography, varicose, varicose vein, varicosis, varicosity, Varidase, variety, variola, variolate, variolation, variola major, variola minor, variola vaccinia, varioliform, varioliformis, varioloid, variolous, varix, varnish, Varolian, varum, varus, vary, vas, vasal, vasa aberrantia, vasa brevia, vasa deferentia, vasa efferentia, vasa recta, vasa vasorum, vascular, vascularis, vascularity, vascularization, vascularize, vascular bed, vascular tunic, vasculature, vasculitis, vasculogenesis, vasculogenic, vasculosa, vasculotoxic, vasectomize, vasectomy, vaseline or Vaseline, vaso-occlusive, vasoactive, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, vasoconstricting, vasoconstriction, vasoconstrictive, vasoconstrictor, vasodentin, vasodepressor, vasodepressor syncope, vasodilatin, vasodilating, vasodilation, vasodilator, vasoexcitor, vasoformative, vasography, vasoligation, vasomotion, vasomotor, vasomotor rhinitis, vasoneurosis, vasoneurotic, vasopressin, vasopressor, vasoreflex, vasorelaxant, vasorelaxation, vasorum, vasospasm, vasospastic, Vasotec, vasotocin, vasotomy, vasotonic, vasovagal, vasovagal syncope, vasovasostomy, Vasoxyl, vastus externus, vastus intermedius, vastus internus, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vas aberrans of Haller, vas deferens, vault, VCG, VD, VDRL, VDRL slide test, VDRL test, vector, vectorcardiogram, vectorcardiography, vegan, vegetable, vegetable mercury, vegetable oil, vegetal, vegetal pole, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetation, vegetative, vegetative nervous system, vegetative pole, vehicle, veil, vein, veinous, veiny, vein of Galen, vela, velamentous insertion, velar, veli, velopharyngeal, Velpeau bandage, velum, venae cordis minimae, vena cava, vena comitans, vena vorticosa, veneer, venenation, veneniferous, venepuncture, venereal, venereal disease, venereal wart, venereologist, venereology, venereum, veneris, venery, venesection, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis, Venice treacle, venipuncture, venisection, venoarterial, venoclysis, venoconstriction, venofibrosis, venogram, venographic, venography, venom, venomous, venopressor, venosity, venostasis, venosum, venosus, venotomy, venous, venous hum, venous return, venous sinus, vent, venter, ventilate, ventilation, ventilator, ventilatory, Ventolin, ventral, ventralis, ventrally, ventral column, ventral corticospinal tract, ventral funiculus, ventral gray column, ventral horn, ventral median fissure, ventral mesogastrium, ventral root,

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