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adj 1 a  :  having or being a temperature that is noticeably lower than body temperature and esp. that is uncomfortable for humans <it is outside today>  <a drafty exercise room>   b  :  having a relatively low temperature or one that is lower than normal or expected <the bath water has gotten >   c  :  receptive to the sensation of coldness  :  stimulated by cold <a spot is a typical receptor in higher vertebrates>   2  :  marked by the loss of normal body heat < hands>   3  :  DEAD  4  :  exhibiting little or no radioactivity cold*ness n 
n 1  :  bodily sensation produced by loss or lack of heat  2  :  a bodily disorder popularly associated with chilling  a  in humans  :  COMMON COLD  b  in domestic animals  :  CORYZA .
abbr chronic obstructive lung disease .

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