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or Brit  de*col*our*ize  also  de*col*our*ise  vt-or*ized  or Brit  -our*ized  also  -our*ised  -or*iz*ing  or Brit  -our*iz*ing  also  -our*is*ing  :  to remove color from < vinegar by adsorption of impurities on activated charcoal>  de*col*or*iza*tion or Brit  de*col*our*iza*tion  also  de*col*our*isa*tion  n de*col*or*iz*er or Brit  de*col*our*iz*er  also  de*col*our*is*er  n 

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Donalsonville Hospital (Donalsonville, Georgia - Seminole County)