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Distress  to  Drugmaker 
distress, distribution, distribution coefficient, district nurse, disturbance, disturbed, disulfide, disulfiram, diterpene, dithio, dithiothreitol, dithranol, diuresis, diuretic, Diuril, diurnal, div, divalent, divergence, diverging lens, diverticula, diverticular, diverticulectomy, diverticulitis, diverticulopexy, diverticulosis, diverticulum, diver's palsy, diver's paralysis, divi-divi, divide, divider, division, divulsion, divulsor, dizygotic, dizziness, dizzy, DJD, dkg, dkl, dkm, dl or DL, dl-, DLE, dm or DM, DMBA, DMD, DMF, DMSO, DMT, DNA, DNase, DNA fingerprinting, DNA polymerase, DNA typing, DNA virus, DNOC, DNR, DO, DOA, DOB, Dobell's solution, dobutamine, doc, docimasia, docimasy, dock, doctor, doctrine of signatures, docusate, dodecanoic acid, dodecyl, DOE, dog, dogbane, dogfish, dogwood, dog flea, dog tapeworm, dog tick, dol, dolens, dolichocephal, dolichocephalic, dolichocolon, dolichocranial, dolichocranic, dolichofacial, dolichohieric, dolichomorphic, dolichopellic, Dolichopsyllidae, dolichuranic, Dolobid, dolor, dolorific, dolorimetry, dolorology, dolorosa, dolorous, DOM, domain, dome, domiciliary, dominance, dominant, dominator, domoic acid, donee, Donnan equilibrium, donor, Donovania, Donovan body, Don Juan, Don Juanism, dopa, dopamine, dopaminergic, dope, doper, Doppler, Doppler echocardiography, Doppler effect, Doppler ultrasonography, doraphobia, dorsa, dorsad, dorsal, dorsalis, dorsalis pedis, dorsal accessory olivary nucleus, dorsal carpal ligament, dorsal horn, dorsal interosseous muscle, dorsal interosseus, dorsal lip, dorsal mesogastrium, dorsal root, dorsal root ganglion, dorsal spinocerebellar tract, dorsal vertebra, dorsi, dorsiduct, dorsiflex, dorsiflexion, dorsiflexor, dorsispinal, dorsolateral, dorsolateral tract, dorsolumbar, dorsolumbar nerve, dorsomedial, dorsoventral, dorsum, dos, dosage, dosage compensation, dose, dosimeter, dot, dotage, dotard, double-blind, double-jointed, double-pored tapeworm, doublet, double bind, double bond, double chin, double decomposition, double helix, double pneumonia, double sugar, double vision, douche, Douglas bag, Douglas's cul-de-sac, Douglas's pouch, douloureux, dourine, Dover's powder, dowager's hump, downer, downgrowth, downregulation, downstream, Down's syndrome, doxepin, doxorubicin, doxycycline, doxylamine, doz, DP, DPA, DPH, DPM, DPN, DPT, DQ, dr or Dr or DR, drachm, dracontiasis, dracunculiasis, dracunculosis, Dracunculus, draft, dragée, drain, drainage, Draize test, dram, Dramamine, dramatization, drank, drape, drastic, draught, draw, drawsheet, dream, dreamwork, drench, drepanocyte, drepanocytosis, dress, dresser, dressing, drew, DRG, dried, drier, driest, drift, drill, drink, Drinker respirator, drip, Drisdol, drive, dromomania, dromotropic, drool, drop, droperidol, droplet, droplet infection, dropper, dropsical, dropsy, drop foot, drop weight, drosophila, drown, drowsy, DrPH, drug, drug-fast, druggie, druggist, drugmaker,

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