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also  muel*le*ri*an  adjoften cap  1  :  discovered by or named after the German physiologist Johannes Peter Müller  2  :  discovered by or named after the German anatomist Heinrich Müller
Mül•ler, Heinrich (1820-1864),
German anatomist. Müller discovered rhodopsin in 1851. In 1856 with Rudolph A. von Kölliker (1817-1905) he demonstrated that each contraction of a frog's heart produces an electrical current. In 1858 he published classic descriptions of three eye muscles: the superior and inferior muscles of the tarsal plate, the muscle that bridges the inferior orbital fissure, and the innermost fibers of the circular portion of the ciliary muscle.
Müller, Johannes Peter (1801-1858), German physiologist and anatomist. Müller is generally acclaimed as one of the greatest biologists of all time. In 1834-40 he published a handbook of physiology that ranks as the first great text on that subject produced in the 19th century. In histology he described the microscopic anatomy of a large series of secreting glands. He was the first to classify the excretory system of the glands as an independent system of tubes; he noted that the blood vessels formed only a capillary network. He described the Müllerian duct in 1825.
Similar sounding terms:  muellerian  Myl·e·ran 

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