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Floccular  to  Frequency 
floccular, flocculate, flocculation test, floccule, flocculent, flocculonodular lobe, flocculus, flood, floor, flora, Florence flask, florid, floss, flow, flowering dogwood, flowers, flowers of zinc, flowmeter, flow cytometry, flu, fluconazole, fluctuant, fluctuation, flucytosine, fludarabine, fludrocortisone, fluid, fluidextract, fluidglycerate, fluidity, fluidram, fluid dram, fluid ounce, fluke, flunisolide, fluocinolone acetonide, fluor, fluoresce, fluorescein, fluorescence, fluorescence microscope, fluoridate, fluoridationist, fluoride, fluoridize, fluorinate, fluorine, fluoroacetate, fluorochrome, fluorometer, fluorophosphate, fluorophosphoric acid, fluorophotometer, fluoroquinolone, fluororoentgenography, fluoroscope, fluorosis, fluorouracil, fluosilicate, fluosilicic acid, fluoxetine, fluoxymesterone, fluphenazine, flurazepam, flurbiprofen, flurothyl, flush, flutamide, flutter, flux, flux density, fly, fly-strike, flybelt, flyblow, flyblown, fly agaric, fl oz, Fm, FMN, FNA, foal, foam, foamy virus, foam cell, focal, focalize, focal epilepsy, focal infection, focal length, focal plane, focal point, focal seizure, focometer, focus, foenugreek, foeti, foetid, fog, foil, folacin, folate, fold, Foley catheter, foliaceous, foliaceus, foliate, foliate papilla, folic acid, folie, folie à deux, folie du doute, folinic acid, folium, folk medicine, follicle, follicle-stimulating hormone, follicle mite, follicularis, folliculi, folliculin, folliculitis, folliculus, follitropin, follow-up, follow up, foment, fomentation, fomites, Fonsecaea, fontanel, food, foodstuff, food poisoning, food vacuole, foot, foot-and-mouth disease, foot-pound, foot-pound-second, footbath, footcandle, footed, footplate, footprint, foot drop, foot rot, foramen, foramen cecum, foramen lacerum, foramen magnum, foramen of Luschka, foramen of Magendie, foramen of Monro, foramen of Winslow, foramen ovale, foramen rotundum, foramen spinosum, foramina, forcé, forceps, forcipressure, Fordyce's disease, fore, forearm, forebrain, forebrain bundle, foreconscious, forefinger, forefoot, foregut, forehead, foreign, foreleg, forelimb, foremilk, forensic, forensic medicine, forensic psychiatry, forepaw, foreplay, forepleasure, foreskin, forestomach, forewaters, forge, fork, form, formaldehyde, formalin, formalinized, formate, formation, formative, formazan, formed element, forme fruste, formic, formication, formic acid, formolized, formula, formulary, formyl, form genus, fornicate, fornication, fornicatrix, fornicis, fornix, foscarnet, fossa, Fossaria, fossa navicularis, fossa ovalis, fossula, foudroyant, founder, foundling, fourchette, fourth cranial nerve, fourth ventricle, fovea, foveation, fovea centralis, foveola, foveolate, Fowler's solution, fowl cholera, fowl mite, fowl paralysis, fowl pest, fowl plague, fowl pox, fowl tick, fowl typhoid, foxglove, fp or FP, FPC, fpm, fps, Fr or FR, fraction, fractional, fractionate, fractionation, fracture, fragile X syndrome, fragilitas ossium, fragility, fragility test, fragilocyte, fragilocytosis, fragment, fragmentography, fraise, frambesia, frame, frameshift, francium, frangula, frangulin, frank, Frank-Starling law, Frank-Starling law of the heart, Frankfort horizontal plane, frankincense, fraternal, Fraunhofer lines, FRCP, FRCS, freckle, free, free-associate, free-floating, free-living, free-running, free-swimming, freebase, freemartin, freestanding, freeze, freeze-dry, freeze-etch, freeze-etched, freeze-etching, freeze fracture, freezing point, free association, free fall, free induction decay, free radical, Frei test, fremitus, frenal, frenectomy, frenulum, frenum, frenzy, freq, frequency,

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