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adj 1  :  neither perpendicular nor parallel  :  being on an incline  2  :  situated obliquely and having one end not inserted on bone < muscles>  oblique*ly adv 
n :  any of several oblique muscles: as  a  :  either of two flat muscles on each side that form the middle and outer layers of the lateral walls of the abdomen, that have aponeuroses extending medially to ensheathe the rectus muscles and fusing in the midventral line in the linea alba, and that act to compress the abdominal contents and to assist in expelling the contents of various visceral organs (as in urination, defecation, parturition, and expiration): (1) :  one that forms the outer layer of the lateral abdominal wall - called also external oblique , obliquus externus , obliquus externus abdominis  (2) :  one situated under the external oblique in the lateral and ventral part of the abdominal wall - called also internal oblique , obliquus internus , obliquus internus abdominis   b (1) :  a long thin muscle that arises just above the margin of the optic foramen, is inserted on the upper part of the eyeball, and moves the eye downward and laterally - called also superior oblique , obliquus superior oculi  (2) :  a short muscle that arises from the orbital surface of the maxilla, is inserted slightly in front of and below the superior oblique, and moves the eye upward and laterally - called also inferior oblique , obliquus inferior oculi   c (1) :  a muscle that arises from the superior surface of the transverse process of the atlas, passes medially upward to insert into the occipital bone, and functions to extend the head and bend it to the side - called also obliquus capitis superior , obliquus superior  (2) :  a muscle that arises from the apex of the spinous process of the axis, inserts into the transverse process of the atlas, and rotates the atlas turning the face in the same direction - called also obliquus capitis inferior , obliquus inferior  .

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