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Recall  to  Renal diabetes 
recall, recall dose, recanalization, recapitulation, recapitulation theory, receptaculum chyli, receptive, receptive aphasia, receptor, receptor potential, recertification, recess, recession, recessive, recessus, rechallenge, recidivation, recidivism, recidivist, recipe, recipient, reciprocal, reciprocal inhibition, reciprocal innervation, reciprocal translocation, Recklinghausen's disease, recognition, recombinant, recombinant DNA, recombination, recombine, Recommended Daily Allowance, recompression, recon, recondition, reconstitute, reconstitution, reconstruct, reconstruction, reconstructive, reconstructive surgery, recover, recoverable, recovered, recovery, recovery room, recreational drug, recreational therapy, recrudesce, recrudescence, recrudescent, recruit, recruitment, recrystallize, recta, rectal, rectal artery, rectal plexus, rectal valve, rectal vein, rectal venous plexus, recti, rectification, rectify, rectocele, rectococcygeus, rectocolitis, rectoscope, rectosigmoid, rectosigmoidoscope, rectourethral, rectouterine pouch, rectovaginal, rectovesical fascia, rectovesical pouch, rectum, rectus, rectus abdominis, rectus capitis posterior major, rectus capitis posterior minor, rectus femoris, rectus inferior, rectus lateralis, rectus medialis, rectus oculi, rectus superior, recumbency, recumbent, recuperate, recuperation, recuperative, recur, recurrence, recurrent, recurrent fever, recurrent laryngeal nerve, recurrent nerve, red, red-blind, red-green blindness, redbird cactus, redia, redintegration, redissolve, redout, redox, redox potential, redrape, reds, reduce, reducible, reducing, reducing agent, reducing sugar, reductant, reductase, reduction, reductionism, reduction division, reductive, redundant, reduplicate, reduplication, reduviid, Reduviidae, Reduvius, red alga, red bark, red blindness, red blood cell, red blood count, red bone marrow, red bug, red cell, red cinchona, red corpuscle, Red Cross, red devils, red marrow, red nucleus, red out, red pulp, red squill, red tide, red water, red worm, Reed-Sternberg cell, reeducate, reeducation, reefer, reentry, reepithelialization, refection, refer, referable, reference, referral, referred pain, refill, refillable, refine, reflect, reflectance, reflecting microscope, reflection, reflection coefficient, reflection factor, reflective, reflector, reflex, reflexa, reflexion, reflexive, reflexly, reflexogenic, reflexologist, reflexology, reflex arc, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, reflux, reflux condenser, refocus, refract, refractile, refraction, refractionist, refractive, refractive index, refractivity, refractometer, refractometry, refractoriness, refractory, refractory period, refracture, refrangibility, refrigerant, refrigeration, refringent, Refsum's disease, regenerate, regeneration, regenerative, regia, regime, regimen, region, regional, regional anatomy, regional anesthesia, regional enteritis, regional ileitis, regioselective, regioselectivity, regiospecific, regiospecificity, registered, registered nurse, registrar, registry, Regitine, regress, regression, regressive, regrow, regrowth, regular, regularity, regulate, regulation, regulative, regulator, regulatory gene, regurgitant, regurgitate, regurgitation, rehab, rehabilitant, rehabilitate, rehabilitation, rehabilitative, rehabilitator, rehabilitee, rehearsal, Rehfuss tube, rehydrate, Reichert-Meissl number, Reichert value, reimplantation, reineckate, Reinecke acid, Reinecke salt, reinfarction, reinfection, reinforce, reinforcement, reinforcer, reinfuse, reinjection, reinnervation, reinoculation, Reinsch test, reintegration, Reissner's membrane, Reiter's syndrome, reject, rejection, rejuvenate, relapse, relapsing febrile nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis, relapsing fever, relapsing polychondritis, relate, relation, relationship, relative biological effectiveness, relative humidity, relative refractory period, relax, relaxant, relaxation, relaxin, relearn, releaser, releasing factor, reliability, reliable, relief, relieve, rem or REM, Remak's fiber, remediable, remedial, remediation, remedy, remineralization, remission, remit, remittent, REM latency, REM sleep, renal, renal artery, renal calculus, renal cast, renal clearance, renal colic, renal column, renal corpuscle, renal diabetes,

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