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n 1  :  a state of repose or sleep - see BED REST   2  :  cessation or temporary interruption of motion, exertion, or labor < from hard physical effort>  <a ten-minute period>   3  :  a bodily state (as that attained by a fasting individual lying supine) characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities <the patient must have complete >   4  :  the part of a partial denture that rests on an abutment tooth, distributes stresses, and holds the clasp in position  5  :  a firm but moldable cushion used to raise or support a portion of the body during surgery <a kidney
vi 1  :  to get rest by lying down : esp  :  SLEEP  2  :  to cease from action or motion  :  refrain from labor or exertion vt  :  to give rest to < your eyes> 
n :  a mass of surviving embryonic cells or of cells misplaced in development <most tumors derived from embryonic s are benign -Shields Warren>  <adrenal s in the kidney>  .

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