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n l a  :  a crystalline compound NaCl that is the chloride of sodium, is abundant in nature, and is used esp. to season or preserve food or in industry - called also common salt , odium chloride   b  :  a substance (as washing soda) resembling common salt  c  :  any of numerous compounds that result from replacement of part or all of the acid hydrogen of an acid by a metal or a group acting like a metal  :  an ionic crystalline compound  2  salts  pl  a  :  a mineral or saline mixture (as Epsom salts) used as an aperient or cathartic  b  :  SMELLING SALTS
adj 1  :  SALINE, SALTY  2  :  being or inducing the one of the four basic taste sensations that is suggestive of seawater - compare BITTER SOUR SWEET  .

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