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n 1 a  :  either pan or tray of a balance  b  :  a beam that is supported freely in the center and has two pans of equal weight suspended from its ends - usu. used in pl.  2  :  an instrument or machine for weighing
vbscaled  scal*ing vt  :  to weigh in scales vi  :  to have a specified weight on scales
n 1  :  a small thin dry lamina shed (as in many skin diseases) from the skin  2  :  a film of tartar encrusting the teeth
vbscaled  scal*ing vt  :  to take off in thin layers or scales < tartar from the teeth>  vi  1  :  to separate or come off in thin layers or laminae  2  :  to shed scales or fragmentary surface matter  :  EXFOLIATE <scaling skin> 
n 1  :  a series of marks or points at known intervals used to measure distances (as the height of the mercury in a thermometer)  2  :  a graduated series or scheme of rank or order  3  :  a graded series of tests or of performances used in rating individual intelligence or achievement .
Similar sounding terms:  ce·cal   cycle  sca·la  scaly 

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