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Cinchonidine  to  Cocculus indicus 
cinchonidine, cinchonine, cinchonism, cinchonize, cinchophen, cineangiocardiography, cineangiography, cinefluorography, cinematics, cinematograph, cinematography, cineole, cinephotomicrograph, cinephotomicrography, cineplasty, cineradiography, cinerea, cinereum, cineroentgenography, cingulate gyrus, cingulectomy, cingulotomy, cingulum, cinnabar, cinnamaldehyde, cinnamate, cinnamene, cinnamic, cinnamic acid, Cinnamomum, cinnamon, cinnamon-bark oil, cinnamon oil, cinnamon water, ciprofloxacin, circadian, circannual, circinate, circle, circle of Willis, circling disease, circuit, circular, circulares, circular dichroism, circular polarization, circular sinus, circulate, circulation, circulatory, circulatory system, circulin, circulus, circumcise, circumcision, circumcorneal injection, circumduction, circumflex, circumflex artery, circumflex iliac artery, circumflex nerve, circumlental, circumnuclear, circumoral, circumscribed, circumstantiality, circumvallate, circumvallate papilla, circumvallate placenta, cirrhogenic, cirrhogenous, cirrhosis, cirrhotic, cirrus, cirsoid, cis or CIS, cis-platinum, cisplatin, cistern, cisterna, cisternal, cisterna chyli, cisterna magna, cisternography, cistron, Citellus, citral, citrate, citrated, citrate synthase, citric acid, citric acid cycle, citrin, citrinin, citrogenase, citronella, citronellal, citronella oil, citronellol, citrovorum factor, citrullin, citrulline, citrullinemia, citrus, civet, civetone, civet cat, CK, cl or Cl or CL, CLA, Cladosporium, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairvoyant, clammy, clamp, clang association, clap, clarificant, clarify, clarithromycin, Clarke's column, clasmatocyte, clasmatosis, clasp, class, classic, classical conditioning, classification, classify, clastic, clathrate, claudication, claustrophilia, claustrophobe, claustrophobia, claustrophobic, claustrum, clava, clavacin, clavate, clavi, Claviceps, clavicle, clavicula, clavicular notch, claviculectomy, claviform, claviformin, clavulanate, clavulanic acid, clavus, claw, claw foot, claw hand, claw toe, Clayton gas, clean, cleanse, cleanser, clean bill of health, clear, clearance, clearing agent, cleavage, cleavage cell, cleave, cleft, cleft lip, cleft palate, cleidocranial dysostosis, cleidoic, cleidotomy, cleistothecium, cleoid, clerk, clerkship, click, climacteric, climacterium, climactic, climatology, climatotherapy, climax, clin, clindamycin, clinic, clinical, clinical crown, clinical thermometer, clinical trial, clinician, clinicopathologic, clinodactyly, clinoid process, clip, clition, clitoridectomy, clitoridis, clitoris, clivus, CLL, cloaca, cloacal membrane, cloacitis, clock, clofazimine, clofibrate, clomiphene, clomipramine, clonazepam, clone, clonic, clonicotonic, clonidine, clonism, clonorchiasis, Clonorchis, clonus, closed, closed-angle glaucoma, closed reduction, clostridium, closure, clot, clotbuster, clotrimazole, clotting factor, clot retraction, clove, cloven foot, cloven hoof, cloverleaf skull, clover disease, clove oil, clownism, cloxacillin, clozapine, Clozaril, clubbed, clubbing, clubfoot, clubhand, club fungus, club moss, clump, clupeine, cluster headache, cluttering, Clutton's joints, clysis, clysma, clyster, cm or Cm or CM, CMA, CMHC, CML, CMV, CN, CNA, cnemial, cnemis, Cnidaria, cnidarian, cnidoblast, CNM, CNP, CNS, Co or CO or c/o, co-payment, co-trimoxazole, coacervate, coadapted, coadministration, coag, coagula, coagulant, coagulase, coagulate, coagulation, coagulation time, coagulator, coagulin, coagulometer, coagulopathy, coagulum, coag time, coalesce, coal tar, coapt, coaptation, coarct, coarctation, coarse, coat, coated, Coats's disease, cobalamin, cobalt, cobaltic, cobaltous, cobalt 60, cobra, COC, coca, cocaine, cocainism, cocainize, cocarboxylase, cocarcinogen, Coccaceae, coccal, cocci, coccidia, coccidian, coccidioidal, Coccidioides, coccidioidin, coccidioidomycosis, coccidiomycosis, coccidiosis, coccidiostat, coccobacillary, coccobacillus or Coccobacillus, coccogenic, coccoid, cocculus, cocculus indicus,

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