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n 1  :  a slender channel within a plant or animal body  :  DUCT - see BRONCHIAL TUBE EUSTACHIAN TUBE FALLOPIAN TUBE   2 a  :  an often complex piece of laboratory or technical apparatus usu. of glass and commonly serving to isolate or convey a product of reaction <a distillation >   b  :  TEST TUBE  3  :  a collapsible cylindrical container (as of metal or plastic) from which a paste is dispensed by squeezing <a toothpaste >   4  :  a hollow cylindrical device (as a cannula) used for insertion into bodily passages or hollow organs for removal or injection of materials
vttubed  tub*ing  :  to furnish with, enclose in, or pass through a tube <the patient is then anesthetized … and tubed -Anesthesia Digest>  .

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