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npl  -to*ses   1  :  hypertrophy of the stratum corneum layer of the skin  2 a  :  any of various conditions marked by hyperkeratosis  b  :  a disease of cattle that is marked by thickening and wrinkling of the hide, by formation of papillary outgrowths on the buccal mucous membranes, and often by a watery discharge from eyes and nose, diarrhea, loss of weight, and abortion of pregnant animals and that is caused esp. by ingestion of the chlorinated naphthalene of various lubricating oils, by arsenic poisoning, or by inherited congenital ichthyosis - called also X-disease , XX disease  hy*per*ker*a*tot*ic adj 
Similar sounding terms:  para·ker·a·to·sis  po·ro·ker·a·to·sis 

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