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or  kin*es*the*sis  or chiefly Brit  kin*aes*the*sia  or  kin*aes*the*sis  npl  -the*sias  or  -the*ses   :  a sense mediated by end organs located in muscles, tendons, and joints and stimulated by bodily movements and tensions; : also  :  sensory experience derived from this sense - see MUSCLE SENSE  kin*es*thet*ic or chiefly Brit kin*aes*thet*ic -thet-ik adj kin*es*thet*i*cal*ly or chiefly Brit kin*aes*thet*i*cal*ly -i-k(-)l adv .
Similar sounding terms:  coenaesthesia  kinaesthesia 

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