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n 1  :  a usu. open bowl-shaped drinking vessel often having a handle and a stem and base and sometimes a lid  2  :  a drinking vessel and its contents  :  the beverage or food contained in a cup <a second of coffee>   3  :  something resembling a cup <invagination of the blastula to form a multilayered cellular > : as  a (1) :  an athletic supporter reinforced for providing extra protection to the wearer in certain strenuous sports (as boxing, hockey, or football) (2) :  either of the two parts of a brassiere that are shaped like and fit over the breasts  b  :  a small bell-shaped glass formerly used in cupping  c  :  a cap of metal shaped like the femoral head and used in plastic reconstruction of the hip joint
vbcupped  cup*ping vt  :  to treat by cupping vi  :  to undergo or perform cupping .

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