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Hand-Schül·ler-Chris·tian disease

n :  an inflammatory histiocytosis associated with disturbances in cholesterol metabolism that occurs chiefly in young children and is marked by cystic defects of the skull and by exophthalmos and diabetes insipidus - called also Schüller-Christian disease 
Hand, Alfred (1868-1949),
American physician. Hand published an early description of the disease in 1893. His description referred to it as a condition characterized by polyuria and tuberculosis. The condition was earlier observed, however, by the British pathologist Thomas Smith (1833-1909) in 1865 and 1876.
Schüller, Artur (1874-1958), Austrian neurologist. Schüller offered his description of the disease in 1915. His description was based on two additional cases and noted the defects in the membranous bones.
Christian, Henry Asbury (1876-1951), American physician. Christian gave a more complete description in 1919 which included all the major characteristics.

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