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vi :  to become warm or hot vt  :  to make warm or hot
n 1 a  :  the state of a body or of matter that is perceived as opposed to cold and is characterized by elevation of temperature  :  a condition of being hot : esp  :  a marked or notable degree of this state  :  high temperature  b (1) :  a feverish state of the body :  pathological excessive bodily temperature (as from inflammation) <knew the throbbing of an abscess>  <the of the fever>  (2) :  a warm flushed condition of the body (as after exercise) :  a sensation produced by or like that produced by contact with or approach to heated matter  c (1) :  added energy that causes substances to rise in temperature, fuse, evaporate, expand, or undergo any of various other related changes, that flows to a body by contact with or radiation from bodies at higher temperatures, and that can be produced in a body (as by compression) (2) :  the energy associated with the random motions of the molecules, atoms, or smaller structural units of which matter is composed  2  :  sexual excitement esp. in a female mammal : specif  :  ESTRUS .

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