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Pregneninolone  to  Proestrogen 
pregneninolone, pregnenolone, prehensile, prehension, prehospital, preimmunization, preimplantation, preincubate, preincubation, preinfection, preinjection, preinvasive, preleukemia, preleukemic, preload, prelocalization, Preludin, premalignant, Premarin, premarital, premature, premature beat, premature contact, premature delivery, premature ejaculation, premature ejaculator, premature labor, prematurity, premaxilla, premaxillary, premed, premedical, premedicate, premedication, premeiotic, premenarchal, premenarche, premenopausal, premenstrual, premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual tension, premenstruum, premie, premolar, premonitory, premorbid, premortal, premortem, premotor, premune, premunition, premunize, premycotic, premyelocyte, prenatal, preneoplastic, prenormal, preoccipital, preoedipal, preop, preoperative, preoptic, preoptic area, preoptic nucleus, preoptic region, preovulatory, preoxygenation, prep, preparation, prepare, prepared chalk, prepartum, prepatellar bursa, prepatent period, prephenic acid, preplacental, prepontine, prepotency, prepotent, prepotential, preprandial, prepregnancy, prepsychotic, prepuberal, prepubertal, prepuberty, prepubescence, prepubescent, prepuce, prepucial, preputial, preputial gland, preputium clitoridis, prepyloric, prerenal, prerenal azotemia, prerenal uremia, prereplicative, prereproductive, preretinal, presacral, presbyacusia, presbycusis, presbyope, presbyophrenia, presbyopia, presbyopic, presbytic, preschizophrenic, prescribe, prescriber, prescription, prescription drug, presenile, presenile dementia, presenility, present, presentation, presenting, preservative, preserve, presomite, presphenoid, pressor, pressoreceptor, pressure, pressure bandage, pressure dressing, pressure point, pressure sore, pressure spot, pressure suit, pressure wave, presubiculum, presumptive, presurgical, presymptomatic, presynaptic, presystole, presystolic, pretectal, preterm, preterminal, pretest, pretibial, pretibial fever, pretibial myxedema, pretophaceous, pretransplantation, pretreat, pretreatment, pretuberculous, prevalence, preventative, preventive, preventive medicine, preventorium, prevertebral, prevertebral ganglion, prevesical space, previa, previable, previllous, priapism, Price-Jones curve, prickle cell, prickle cell layer, prickly heat, prickly juniper, prick test, prilocaine, Prilosec, primal scene, primal scream therapy, primam, primaquine, primary, primary alcohol, primary aldosteronism, primary amine, primary atypical pneumonia, primary care, primary color, primary fissure, primary health care, primary host, primary hypertension, primary lesion, primary oocyte, primary spermatocyte, primary syphilis, primary tooth, primate, Primates, primatologist, primatology, primer, prime mover, primidone, primigravid, primigravida, primipara, primiparous, primitive, primitive groove, primitive knot, primitive pit, primitive streak, primordial, primordium, primum, princeps pollicis, principal axis, principal plane, principal point, principle, Prinivil, Prinzmetal's angina, prion, prism, prismatic, prism diopter, prison fever, private, private-duty, private practice, privileged communication, prn, PRO, Pro-Banthine, pro-choice, pro-life, pro-lifer, pro-oestrogen, proabortion, proaccelerin, proactive, proamnion, proatlas, probacteriophage, proband, probang, probarbital, probe, probenecid, probit, proboscis, probucol, procainamide, procaine, procaine penicillin G, procarbazine, Procardia, procaryote, procedure, procercoid, procerus, process, processus, processus vaginalis, prochlorperazine, prochondral, prochromosome, procidentia, proclination, procoagulant, procollagen, proconvertin, procreate, procreation, procreative, proctalgia fugax, proctectomy, proctitis, proctoclysis, proctocolitis, proctodeum, proctologist, proctology, proctopexy, proctoplasty, proctoscope, proctoscopic, proctoscopy, proctosigmoidectomy, proctosigmoiditis, proctosigmoidoscope, proctosigmoidoscopy, proctotomy, procumbent, prodigiosin, prodroma, prodromal, prodrome, product, productive, proenzyme, proerythroblast, proerythrocyte, proestrogen,

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