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Blockage  to  Branchioma 
blockage, blocker, blocking, blocking antibody, block anesthesia, blood, blood-brain barrier, blood-typing, bloodless, bloodletter, bloodletting, bloodmobile, bloodroot, bloodshot, bloodstain, bloodstained, bloodstream, bloodsucker, bloodworm, bloody, bloody flux, blood bank, blood banking, blood cell, blood count, blood doping, blood dust, blood fluke, blood group, blood grouping, blood heat, blood island, blood packing, blood plasma, blood platelet, blood poisoning, blood pressure, blood serum, blood sugar, blood test, blood thinner, blood type, blood vessel, blot, blotch, blow, blowfish, blowfly, blowpipe, BLS, blubber finger, blue, blue-baby operation, bluebottle, blues, bluetongue, blue baby, blue bag, blue cohosh, blue comb, blue flag, blue heaven, blue mold, blue nevus, blue spot, blunt dissection, blunt trauma, blush, BM, BMI, BMR, BNA, BO, board, board-certified, board-eligible, BOD, Bodansky unit, bodily, Bodo, body, body-build, body bag, body cavity, body clock, body heat, body image, body louse, body mass index, body odor, body snatcher, body stalk, body wall, Boeck's disease, Boeck's sarcoid, Bohr effect, Bohr theory, boil, boiling point, Bollinger body, bolometer, bolus, bombé, bombesin, bomb calorimeter, bomb fly, bond, bonding, bone, bonelet, bonesetter, bone marrow, bont tick, bony, bony labyrinth, book lung, Boophilus, booster, booster shot, boracic acid, borate, borated, borax, borborygmus, border, borderline, Bordet-Gengou, Bordet-Gengou bacillus, Bordetella, bore, boric, boric acid, borne, borneol, Bornholm disease, boron, borrelia, borreliosis, Borrel body, boss, bosselated, bossing, bot, botanical, botanist, botany, botch, botfly, bothridium, Bothriocephalus, bothrium, botryoid, botryoides, botryomycoma, botryomycosis, bottle, bottle-feed, bottle baby, bottle jaw, botulin, botulinum, botulism, bougie, bouginage, bouillon, Bouin's fluid, boulimia, bound, bourtree, bouton, boutonneuse fever, Bovicola, bovine, bovine mastitis, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, bovine virus diarrhea, bovinum, bow, bowel, bowel worm, bowenoid papulosis, Bowen's disease, bowleg, bowlegged, Bowman's capsule, Bowman's gland, Bowman's membrane, boxing, Boyle's law, bp or BP, BPH, Br, brace, brachial, brachialis, brachialis anticus, brachial artery, brachial plexus, brachial vein, brachii, brachiocephalicus, brachiocephalic artery, brachiocephalic vein, brachioradialis, brachium, brachium conjunctivum, brachium pontis, brachycephalic, brachydactylous, brachydont, brachyfacial, brachymorphic, brachytherapy, brachyuranic, Bradford frame, bradsot, bradycardia, bradycrotic, bradykinesia, bradykinin, bradylexia, bradyphasia, bradyphrasia, bradyphrenia, bradypnea, bradyrhythmia, braille, braillewriter, brain, braincase, brainpan, brainwashing, brain death, brain sand, brain stem, brain vesicle, brain wave, bran, branch, branched chain, branchia, branchial, branchial arch, branchial cleft, branchiogenous, branchioma,

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