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n :  a genus of filarial worms of the superfamily Filarioidea including one (M. ozzardi) that is common and apparently nonpathogenic in human visceral fat and mesenteries in So. and Central America
Man•son, Sir Patrick (1844-1922),
British parasitologist. Manson is remembered as the father of tropical medicine. In 1877 he was the first to prove the connection between insects and tropical disease: he demonstrated that culex mosquitoes are carriers of filaria larvae. He found filaria in individuals affected with elephantiasis. In 1894 he first put forth his mosquito-malaria hypothesis. His research helped Sir Ronald Ross to elucidate the transmission of malaria by mosquitoes. In 1898 Manson published a classic textbook on tropical diseases that is still in use. The schistosome (Schistosoma mansoni) that causes schistosomiasis mansoni is but one of many pathogenic parasites that he discovered and whose life cycle he worked out.

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