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Mi·ku·licz cell

n :  a round or oval macrophage with a small nucleus that is found in the nodules of rhinoscleroma and contains the causative bacterium (Klebsiella rhinoscleromatis)
Mikulicz-Ra•dec•ki, Johann von (1850-1905),
Polish surgeon. Mikulicz served as professor of surgery at universities in Kraków, Königsberg, and Breslau. He is remembered as a pioneer in modern surgery who developed surgical operations for a wide variety of diseases. The published reports of his surgical innovations include descriptions of his operation for complete prolapse of the rectum (1888) and his operation for the treatment of disease of the paranasal sinuses (1887). He also wrote articles discussing radiation therapy, blood transfusions, and treatments for tuberculosis and hyperthyroidism. In a noteworthy article of 1876 he described round or oval macrophages that have small nuclei and are present in the nodules of rhinoscleroma; they are now known as Mikulicz cells.

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