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n 1 a  :  a Mediterranean solanaceous herb of the genus Mandragora (M. officinarum) that has ovate leaves, whitish or purple flowers followed by globose yellow fruits which were formerly supposed to have aphrodisiac properties, and a large forked root which has been credited with human attributes and made the subject of many superstitions  b (1) :  the root of this plant that contains hyoscyamine and was formerly used esp. to promote conception, as a cathartic, or as a narcotic and soporific (2) :  a solution of mandrake root (as in wine) formerly used as a narcotic  2 a  :  any of several plants other than the mandrake : esp  :  MAYAPPLE  b  :  PODOPHYLLUM 2 .
Similar sounding terms:  mono·hy·dric 

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