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also Brit  mo*bi*lise  vb-lized  also Brit  -lised  -liz*ing  also Brit  -lis*ing vt  1  :  to put into movement or circulation  :  make mobile : specif  :  to release (something stored in the body) for body use <the body s its antibodies>   2  :  to assemble (as resources) and make ready for use <the sympathetic nervous system … s the bodily resources as a means of preparing for fight or flight -H. G. Armstrong>   3  :  to separate (an organ or part) from associated structures so as to make more accessible for operative procedures  4  :  to develop to a state of acute activity <ego feeling and ego attitude … hostile feelings toward others -Abram Kardiner>  vi  :  to undergo mobilization  :  assemble and organize for action mo*bi*liz*able also Brit  mo*bi*lis*able  adj 

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