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n :  a tooth with a rounded or flattened surface adapted for grinding : specif  :  one of the mammalian teeth behind the incisors and canines sometimes including the premolars but more exactly restricted to the three posterior pairs in each human jaw on each side which are not preceded by milk teeth
adj 1 a  :  pulverizing by friction < teeth>   b  :  of, relating to, or located near the molar teeth < gland>   2  :  of, relating to, possessing the qualities of, or characterized by a uterine mole < pregnancy> 
adj 1  :  of or relating to a mass of matter as distinguished from the properties or motions of molecules or atoms  2  :  of or relating to larger units of behavior esp. as relatable to a prior deprivation or motivational pattern of the organism <interest in such problems of personality as the ego functions -R.R. Holt>  - compare MOLECULAR2  
adj 1  :  of or relating to a mole of a substance <the volume of a gas>   2  :  containing one mole of solute in one liter of solution .
Similar sounding terms:  ma·lar  ma·lar·ia  mil·i·ar·ia  mil·i·ary 

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