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n 1  cap  :  a genus of cyclophyllidean tapeworms (family Anoplocephalidae) parasitizing the intestine of various ruminants and having a cysticercoid larva in oribatid mites  2  :  any tapeworm of the genus Moniezia
Mo•niez, Romain-Louis (1852-1936),
French parasitologist. Moniez gained an international reputation in parasitology for his major contributions in the field. In 1880 he published an important study on the anatomy and histology of the larval forms of the cestodes. Particular attention was paid to the genus Echinococcus, but the study also examined another genus of tapeworms now included in the genus Moniezia..
Similar sounding terms:  man·nose  ma·nus  mi·nus  Mo·nas 

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