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n :  the act or an instance of inhibiting or the state of being inhibited: as  a (1) :  a stopping or checking of a bodily action :  a restraining of the function of an organ or an agent (as a digestive fluid or enzyme) < of the heartbeat by stimulation of the vagus nerve>  < of plantar reflexes>  (2) :  interference with or retardation or prevention of a process or activity < of bacterial growth>   b (1) :  a desirable restraint or check upon the free or spontaneous instincts or impulses of an individual guided or directed by the social and cultural forces of the environment <the self-control so developed is called -C. W. Russell>  (2) :  a neurotic restraint upon a normal or beneficial impulse or activity caused by psychological inner conflicts or by sociocultural forces of the environment <other outspoken neurotic manifestations are general ssuch as inability to think, to concentrate -Muriel Ivimey>  <s,phobias, compulsions, and other neurotic patterns -Psychological Abstracts>  .

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