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also  chron*i*cal  adj 1 a  :  marked by long duration, by frequent recurrence over a long time, and often by slowly progressing seriousness  :  not acute < indigestion>  <her hallucinations became >   b  :  suffering from a disease or ailment of long duration or frequent recurrence <a arthritic>  < sufferers from asthma>   2  :  having a slow progressive course of indefinite duration - used esp. of degenerative invasive diseases, some infections, psychoses, inflammations, and the carrier state < heart disease>  < arthritis>  < tuberculosis>  < carrier>  - compare ACUTE2b(1)   chron*i*cal*ly adv chro*nic*i*ty n pl  -ties  
n :  one that suffers from a chronic disease .
Similar sounding terms:  cho·ri·on·ic  chronica  shrink 

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