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or  fuch*sine  n :  a dye that is produced by oxidation of a mixture of aniline and toluidines, that yields a brilliant bluish red, and that is used in carbolfuchsin paint, in Schiff's reagent, and as a biological stain
Fuchs, Leonhard (1501-1566),
German botanist and physician. In 1542 Fuchs published De Historia Stirpium, a manual of herbal plants that stands as a landmark in botany. The work is historically important for its orderly presentation, accurate drawings and precise plant descriptions, and its glossary of botanical terms. Fuchs was especially interested in the medicinal properties of plants, and his book listed the reputed powers of each. The genus Fuchsia was named in his honor by Linnaeus in 1753. Fuchsia also denotes the vivid reddish purple color of the flowers of many plants belonging to the genus.

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