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n 1 a  :  a membrane or saclike structure enclosing a part or organ <the of the kidney>   b  :  either of two layers or laminae of white matter in the cerebrum (1) :  a layer that consists largely of fibers passing to and from the cerebral cortex and that lies internal to the lentiform nucleus - called also internal capsule  (2) :  one that lies between the lentiform nucleus and the claustrum - called also external capsule   2  :  a shell usu. of gelatin for packaging something (as a drug or vitamins) : also  :  a usu. medicinal or nutritional preparation for oral use consisting of the shell and its contents  3  :  a viscous or gelatinous often polysaccharide envelope surrounding certain microscopic organisms (as the pneumococcus) .
Similar sounding terms:  cap·su·la 

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