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n 1  :  a thin flat encircling strip esp. for binding: as  a  :  a strip of cloth used to protect a newborn baby's navel - called also bellyband   b  :  a thin flat strip of metal that encircles a tooth <orthodontic s>   2  :  a strip separated by some characteristic color or texture or considered apart from what is adjacent: as  a  :  a stripe, streak, or other elongated mark on an animal : esp  :  one transverse to the long axis of the body  b  :  a line or streak of differentiated cells  c  :  one of the alternating dark and light segments of skeletal muscle fibers  d  :  BAND FORM  e  :  a strip of abnormal tissue either congenital or acquired : esp  :  a strip of connective tissue that causes obstruction of the bowel .

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